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Gia created an amazing web presence for our restaurant with her design and attention to detail. she was also helpful in establishing a blog for me. Gia is extremely easy to work with and delivers more than you expect. She is professional and pays great attention to detail and is creatively intuitive. I really appreciate the value and results she provided.
— juli h. | joolz restaurant

You have the combined gift of color and design that are made even more beautiful with your patience, flexibility, persistence and integrity. It has been a pleasure working with you on all levels!
— Sara T. | artist

Gia is brilliant, a natural in her chosen field. Gia has a clean, fresh and modern aesthetic that really translates to Web Design. The whole process really helped me to define my business and clarify how I wanted to reach potential new clients. I felt so confident and at ease working with Gia. I love my website, it is a perfect blend of me and Gia’s signature style.
— colleen v. | real estate agent

Working with Gia is always a pleasant experience! She brings so much creativity and enthusiasm to her projects. She is timely and is collaborative.
— chris D. | healing energy arts

Gia is highly skilled, extremely creative, gifted with a beautiful sense of esthetics and is a delight to work with. (If you are looking for a standard, dull website from a template, look elsewhere- Gia will work with you to infuse your website with originality, beauty, and most of all, a sense of you.)
— marna H. | rich earth skincare

Gia’s work is fresh, modern, smart - and charming. She works hard to get you just what you want, better than you knew how to ask for it. Being in the design field myself, I had a few opinions about my proposed website. Gia used my input as a jumping-off point to structure the site, producing variations on what we discussed until she found the right thing. I love my website - Gia’s great!
— kate S. | here design

My expectations were exceeded nearly every step of the way working with Gia B Designs. I know our clients are impressed with our style. This has been good for business, it sets us apart. From our stationary, cards, yard signs, to our website, and the shirts on our back, we rock construction a little different, a little better I think.
— joel w. | west homes pdx

Gia is a consummate professional with the unique ability to translate an idea to a tangible object, be it a design concept, website or simple graphic. She’s resourceful, creative and easy to collaborate with. Her design for our website brought us immense positive feedback and a lot of new business! Plus we just like her a lot.
— virginia + kim | press kitchen PR

Creating a website for my piano studio seemed SO daunting! I had absolutely no way of knowing how to begin. In fact, I believe I would still be website-less if Gia hadn’t come to my rescue! She not only designed the site, she designed my logo, which I adore! Her creativity amazes me and she’s an endless source of great ideas. Even more important is that she’s easy to work with. She heard my ideas and formulated a vision with me. Her work is excellent!
— nicole S. | rhythm 'n you piano studio

Gia is a dream to work with. She has a gift for crafting a web design that captures—creatively, yet concisely—the essence of a person or business. She is responsive and delightful at every stage of a project, and never fails to dazzle with her ideas.
— virginia g. | journalist

Thanks for all you’ve done and the motivated hard-working spirit you continue to have! Thank GOD I have you on the job, Gia. You have congratulated me on my vision with things... but really, I congratulate YOU on weathering my storms and my visual NEEDS. It can be a relentless roller coaster with me (I do tire from being around myself at times), but we have made an exceptional team. When I have needed you as paintbrush, you were there. When I needed you as painter, you were there. And in both scenarios, always with the same wonderful team spirit. So thankful for that.
— tasha M. | singer + songwriter

Gia is so much more than a web designer...she is truly gifted in the ability to gain insight and understanding into who you are or what you what to represent in your work, so that she can best reflect that on your website. She creatively translates your mission into a tangible vision. She becomes the bridge between the core of your business or your essence and technology.
— allison L. | mft + parenting consultant